Our Siamese Cats and a Stuffed Snake

What Our Cats Do When We Aren’t Home

This stuffed snake is more than five feet long.

Our two Siamese cats, Brutus and T-Rex, like to play with our daughter Tory’s stuffed animals. They drag the little stuffed bears and rabbits and all from place to place, leaving them in strategic spots where I am sure to trip over them, the stuffed animals I mean.

T-Rex, in particular, loves stuffed animals.  When he’s feeling playful we can hear the steady thump, thump of a little critter hitting the floor as he rhythmically tosses it into the air, watches it fall to the floor, then tosses it into the air again. If T-Rex sees us watching him, he immediately stops, sits, and stares at us as if to say, “Would you please leave so I can get back to business?”

Last night the two Siamese, Brutus and T-Rex, were sleeping peacefully when my husband Mike and I left the house. We were going to pick up Tory from work, drop her off at the house, then Mike and I were going to dinner. The round trip excursion takes all of, maybe, 7 minutes.

Two innocent, sleepy Siamese.

As I parked the car at our local Charlie Brown’s Restaurant, both of our cell phones rang, signaling the arrival of a new text message. Mike opened his phone and looked at the message, and he started to laugh, hard.

When Tory walked into the house this is what she saw:

Do you think they had a tough time?!

In her text message that accompanied the above photo she said, “ clearly this took a team effort.”

T-Rex, although younger, is likely the ringleader in this caper.

Our two Siamese had accomplished a mighty feat in a mere 7 minutes.

Tory forwarded the photo to her brother Max at Big Ten College. Max, as expected, texted Tory back, “Hilarious! LOL!”

Never let it be said that when you leave two Siamese asleep on the sofa that they will stay asleep.


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