My Great-Nephew Nathaniel

Not a Preemie Anymore

The cheeks! Look at the cheeks! I have a weakness for rounded baby cheeks!

My great-nephew Nathaniel, he who was born so many weeks earlier than expected, is thriving and growing. I had the opportunity to visit with him and my niece Moriah, his mom, this week. What a treat!

Moriah and her family live in Central New Jersey. Their apartment windows overlook a harbor, boats and a great view of the Outerbridge Crossing. It’s a sunny cheerful place and my great nephew, that tiny little preemie born waaayyy back in late August, is thriving under the care of his doting parents.

Mom and son: Perfect together

I hung out for four hours with my niece and her little guy, but it seemed like just minutes had gone by. Nate is a fun baby to watch. . .when I smiled, he smiled; when I yawned, he yawned. He’s a real mimic.

And happy. Did I mention what a happy baby he is? His eyes followed me as I crisscrossed in front of him using my funny voices and making silly faces. He followed my voice. He looked me in the eyes.

Then he fell asleep! Just like that.

Nathaniel and his soft cozy blanket.

He takes cat naps after he eats then wakes up happy and ready to greet the world and its wonders. I couldn’t resist taking photos of him. With his Mom’s permission I’m showing Nate off right here and now. Take a look!

"Who is that silly woman babbling nonsense right over my face?"

"Okay, lady. I'm smiling. I'm smiling!"

"Who's an itty bitty baby? Me? You talking about me?!"

"Mom? Let's leave the silly lady here while we take a walk. Ok?"





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2 responses to “My Great-Nephew Nathaniel

  1. Cindy

    What great pictures of Nate! Thanks for sharing the moments you captured! I’m glad you had a good time with him. He’s a heart warmer!

  2. Oh, so adorable!

    My brother (well, his wife actually) just had twins, and I am dying to see them. They live across the country from me, so it’ll be a few weeks before I can get there. Can’t wait to see those adorable little toes and chubby cheeks!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful visit.

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