The Office Troublemaker

Lily, the Rescue Kitty

Hi! My name is Lily and I work with Adventures of a Middle Age Mom on Tuesdays. She says that I am an office troublemaker. But I say I am just misunderstood.

I like to help do the filing, but I like to do it my way. And if she doesn’t like to do it my way, well, that’s HER choice.

Regularly scheduled breaks are a part of my day. I don’t understand people like her; SHE doesn’t take regular breaks and it can make her grouchy.

What? What’s that you said? Yes, I DO TOO pay attention when you’re talking to me!

When she cuts my break short she deserves what she gets. I can make it very difficult for her to do her job efficiently and well.


When she says she's “had enough” exactly what does that mean?

Open the door! I can’t hear you!

Okay. Okay. I'll get back to work. . .just open the door and let me in. Hey! Hey! Are you still in there?



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2 responses to “The Office Troublemaker

  1. Lita

    Office work should be so interesting. I can’t think of a better assistant than Lily. Any chance you’re willing to let her temp elsewhere?

  2. I would miss the little troublemaker if she temped elsewhere!

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