Flying Continental Airlines

A Seatback Not in Its Upright Position.

Legroom? Do you get any legroom on Continental?

I flew to Arizona today on a Continental Airlines flight from Newark, NJ. When I left Newark this morning the wind was blowing terribly and the rain was coming down sideways. One of the huge signs you see on the approach to the airport blew into the roadway, partially blocking traffic. It wasn’t an auspicious sign in my mind.

Not a great day to fly, if you asked me. But, hey, if you asked the 150 or so senior citizens on the airplane with me I think they’d tell you it was a great day, an exciting day, maybe one of the best days they’ve had in a while. They were excited to be flying! They jostled each other to see who could get on the airplane first. Then they competed to see who could take the longest to shove their wheelie suitcase into the overhead compartment. And during the rocking and rolling takeoff and intermittently throughout the flight they talked in loud tones about “how this isn’t so bad; you should have been with me on the flight to . . .”

Nothing like the tiny bit of extra room an aisle seat gives you. What? It's an illusion?!

No matter. I was lucky: I had an aisle seat. What wasn’t so lucky was that the guy in front of me reclined his seat. All the way. I had zero room to open my laptop. I had zero room to cross my legs. I could have given the guy a scalp massage. Hewasthisclosetome. I gazed at the top of his head long enough to see that he has three small clusters of gray hair on his head. That’s it. Just three.

Flying 5 ½ hours looking at three clusters of gray hair was pretty boring. I did read “O” magazine and that took up some time. I did eat the chicken Caesar wrap I brought on board with me. But I have to say I am not a fan of sitting still for so many hours in cramped quarters.

Did I get up? Sure. I got up a few times to stretch. When the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign was not illuminated. When the plane wasn’t shaking from side to side like a recalcitrant child saying “no” to his Mom.

The guy couldn't seem to finish the puzzle during the 5 1/2 hour flight.

Did I walk up and down the aisle like my fellow passengers? In short, no. I mean I wouldn’t have minded a walk, but you know the woman wearing her glasses on her head, with her sweat jacket tied around her waist and her purse clutched to her chest? I truly believe she’s been on every flight I’ve ever flown. She pretty well kept the aisle blocked most of the time. And the older fellow who worked on the same small crossword puzzle during the 5 ½ flight? I could have given him a run to the bathroom. . .all five times he got up and went. And I knew many of the answers he didn’t on that puzzle. But I didn’t do any of that. I sat in my seat mostly and wished I was on the ground. Safe and Sound.

No matter. I flew. And I survived to fly another day.



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One response to “Flying Continental Airlines

  1. Love your blog! Makes me laugh! Great writing!
    Too many exclamation points? He he
    Chris H

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