Scenes from a Snowy Friday

Up away from our busy road the snow was white and beautiful.

Well, despite my Northern New Jersey neighbors stocking up on massive quantities of milk and bread – enough to last through a blizzard of epic proportions — I am happy to report that we received only 5” of snow. I hand shoveled our long driveway and street-side sidewalk in a mere two hours by myself. It wasn’t the therapeutic exercise I had hope for, though, since I was repeatedly splashed with filthy icy snow kicked up by the cars speeding down the main street on which I live.

The speed limit is 25 mph on my street; vehicles regularly travel at speeds in excess of 35 mph, and today was no different, despite the snowy, slushy conditions. What was different was the new local game I’ll call “Splash the Shoveler.”

It goes like this:

A driver sees a person shoveling the street-side sidewalk up in the distance.

The driver picks up speed as he/she gets closer to the shoveler.

The driver veers toward the curb where plenty of slushy icy has collected.

The driver, using split second timing, hits said slush just as he/she is passing the shoveler.

The driver and/or passenger(s) laugh at soaking wet shoveler and speed off.

After two service vans and three cars drove by at excessive speeds, veered toward the curb to better slop road filth up and over a protective snow bank and onto the front of my clothing I had had enough. Unfortunately for me, I still had about 30 feet of sidewalk to shovel. I was frozen through by the time I finished, jeans soaked, jacket stained, gloves sopping.

Gotta love my drive-by neighbors. ITake a look at the new video I upload in “My World in Photos,” you’ll see that I don’t drive at excessive speeds and splash pedestrian shovelers as I drive. Nope. Not me.

All is peaceful on my west side yard too.


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