Shower Curtains: Is There a Best?

Another shower curtain ready to be recycled into a drop cloth.

I bought “hotel quality, heavy duty, antimicrobial” shower curtains at Linens N Things for years and years. They came in three colors, white, beige or clear, and cost $24 each; they lasted about a year. I hated having to buy curtain after curtain, year after year. So I tried everything to prolong their lifespan. I hand washed them with soap and bleach. I sprayed them with a bleach cleanser then rinsed them off. Way back when, I’d even washed them in the washing machine in a vain attempt to prolong their useful life. Still, after a year or a little longer, black mold would grow on them and I’d have to purchase new ones.

Shower curtains don’t top my list of fun things to shop for, but since Linens N Things no longer has retail stores in my area, I started to pay attention/visit the bath sections of department stores to see if any new innovations have come to light that make shower curtains “better” and last longer than the ones I’ve used for years. I didn’t find anything earth shattering, like a shower curtain that lasts for two years, guaranteed, or anything. What I did find is that I now have a few more choices (than one!) in “antimicrobial” and “heavy duty” than in past years. And the choices cost less than $24 each. Pretty delighted with the potential cost savings, if nothing else, I purchased a few of the newer shower curtains and took them home, fingers crossed that somehow they would be “better” and last longer than my old ones.

Okay, now for the big reveal.

The latest brand I'm trying.

No shower curtain I’ve purchased has lasted longer than a year and some have lasted a mere few months. Most of the recent shower curtains I’ve purchased (1) are too light weight even though they are labeled “heavy duty” so I’m constantly picking the slimy wet thing off of where it’s attached itself to my wet leg; (2) don’t have those little weights along the bottom hem so they sometimes flip out of the tub during my shower; or (3) are cut 1” shorter in width than the standard 72” so water escapes around the (shortened) edges and puddles on the floor (the kids’ bathroom shower curtain is notorious for this!).

In fact, my $24 original shower curtain is still the best, in my opinion. And as soon as these latest shower curtains begin to mold up I will seek out my old faithful model.

So tell me, if you use shower curtains, what brand do you buy? How long does it last? How much does it cost? Tell me, tell me!


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One response to “Shower Curtains: Is There a Best?

  1. Peggy

    So glad to know that I am not the only one who has searched in vain for that perfect shower curtain! Until recently, I had given up and resigned myself to buying a new one every 9 months or so, and sooner if company was arriving. I’m out of the hunt for now, though. Recently redid my bathroom and went with glass doors. Yeaahh! Of course, now I’m searching for the best water repellent product — RainX anyone…?
    Btw, I’ve also found that old shower curtains make great liners for the car when I’m coming back from the garden center or hauling stuff to recycling.

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