Amaryllis Apple Blossom

This morning I walked in to the butler’s pantry to feed the cats, just like I do every morning; however, today a surprise was waiting for me!

The amaryllis bloomed today!

I’ve had these amaryllis for two years. Last Christmas they bloomed at Christmas.  I kept the strappy leaves watered and plopped the pot outside for the summer. This fall I hacked off the strappy leaves and brought the pot in. The bulbs pretty much looked like this for a few months:

Nothing special about these bulbs, right?

Then last week a couple of the bulbs sent up stalks!

Still not much to look at, right?

Then, today I saw the first blooms. And they are simply gorgeous.

The flowers are so beautiful. And cheerful.

Just what I need to cheer me! We have a snow watch for tonight into tomorrow and the weather folks expect us to get 3″-6″ more snow. I can’t be in Bonita Springs, FL, but I can look at beautiful blooming flowers. That will have to be enough for now!

Gotta love my Nikon D90; check out the close up!!



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2 responses to “Amaryllis Apple Blossom

  1. gorgeous — but aren’t you supposed to stash them in a dark closet or something? Obviously your method worked great!!

    • Yes. You’re supposed to get all fancy with them, but at my house this fall it was survival of the fittest! Those amaryllis wanted, no needed, to bloom! And I thank God for that!
      I just got home and have to wait for the tail pipes to cool down, then I have to go out and cover my delightful Audi so she doesn’t get scratched when I sweep the snow off her in the morning! Snow! Feh!

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