Another Snowstorm: The Official One

In case you were wondering, Sunny the VW Bug is sulking in our driveway; she's back from her latest spa treatment.

Yesterday afternoon Northern New Jersey received a lot of unofficial snow. Last night we received a crapload of snow. I mean it. The official snowstorm arrived, on schedule, and dumped a crapload (I think the word is evocative) of heavy white stuff on top of all the heavy gray stuff we already have. It’s official: We’ve run out of room to put the snow we keep shoveling off our driveway and walkways. What do people in, say, Buffalo, N.Y. do with all the snow they receive every year? Never mind. . .I don’t really care what they do. I’m grouchy.

My husband Mike got up extra early this morning and used our petite snow blower to clear the driveway of snow. Honestly? I don’t know how he did it. Our snow blower balks if it has to chew and swallow and spit out more than 6” of snowfall. And it isn’t a self-propelled model either, which means that I usually fall when I use it since I have to push it so hard up our driveway hill that my feet slip out from under me and I fall face first in the driveway. It’s ugly. Trust me on this one.

Our non-self-propelled, 6" or less snowfall snowblower.

When I went out to shovel and clear the front porch, my lovely car and the rest of our sidewalks, I saw we had well over the predicted 12” of snow. Two-and-a-half hours later I shoveled my last shovelful of snow. Part of the time I used the petit snow blower. That would be the part of the time when I hurt my back, resulting in the shooting pain that’s going down my left leg.


The birds picketed until I cleared a path to their feeder!

Snow blower 1; Me 0.

But that isn’t the worst of it. The worst of it is that we have walls of snow about 5’ high lining our driveway so when we back out we have zero visibility all the way down the driveway to the street. And the town plows didn’t clear the full width of our wide street so the opening at the end of our driveway is like a funnel with no room to maneuver. We have to back straight out across both lanes of traffic to escape our driveway. It’s high anxiety time. And you? Did you get a crapload of snow dumped on your neighborhood? Make me feel better. Tell me your shoveling woes so I can focus on you instead of me.


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One response to “Another Snowstorm: The Official One

  1. You want winter woes? I’ll oblige you. The ice built up so thick on the back of our house that it grew up the side and was pushing up the roof. Then it all started leaking into the back room of our house. I really cannot explain how it’s happening. I’ve lived in the North forever and a day, but I don’t understand this one. We had to chip off all the ice. It’s really not possible to get it all, but we got a lot. I’m actually thankful for my snow lined driveway, it means I won’t hit the waist high cement wall while I’m backing out. Snow gives just a little more than cement.

    Maybe you should write a winter survival guide? Just an idea. It wouldn’t be any fun though. 😉
    Happy Weekend to you.

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