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Northern New Jersey vs San Diego, CA in February: And Your Choice Is?

Beautiful view of the city! Can't you feel the breeze in your hair?

My husband Mike left on a five-day business trip to San Diego, CA on Saturday morning. When he left the weather in Northern New Jersey was miserable: drizzle, freezing rain and snow showers.  Fortunately, his plane took off on time and he winged his way to San Diego, CA, where the weather is 70-plus degrees and sunny. H is happily running seven miles a day in the gorgeous park across from his luxury hotel. He is very happy.

The rest of Mike’s family (that would be us) remains at least knee deep in snow and ice on the East Coast. Temps hover in the 20s-30s during the day and the icy snow covered mounds on and around our streets and sidewalks mean near-constant vigilance and assessment as we attempt to live our daily lives. Winter, this winter in New Jersey is rough.

I was going to compare photos of where Mike is and where we are, but the thought depressed me so much that I’ve decided to show you only San Diego, CA.

Enjoy the good weather and fun photos, courtesy of Mike.

Don't you want to be sun bathing like the sea lions?

Or wouldn't you love to be strolling in the garden, smelling the fragrant flowers and earth?

Of course, if you're like Mike and me you might like to take a break from the sunshine and visit a car show. How about this original Delorean?!

P.S. I just rode shotgun in Sunny the VW Bug as my daughter Tory drove up the Garden State Parkway, west on Route 208 and then home again after her pitching lesson. We are, I am very happy to report, in one piece and good spirits.  You go, Tory!

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