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Subaru Forester: A Hot Prospect and Then a Hit and Run

The guy who sold Max the car counted his cash properly but didn't get the title filled out properly. Wasted time.

My son Max drove home again this weekend from Big Ten College; this time to go to the Wayne DMV to pick up his permanent license plates and pay the sales tax due on the Subaru. The trip was fruitless, though, since the person who sold the Subaru to the guy Max bought it from signed the title on the wrong line. Yep. Max is straightening that little fiasco out with the guy he bought it from. Ahem. Did I mention Max has a temper that rivals my own? Helpful Hint: Don’t ever make us really, really mad.

Meanwhile, Max arrived home on Friday with the Subaru’s thermostat buried in the red zone and his temper at near boiling. Bright boy, Max remembered some of my husband Mike’s and my near-legendary stories about our old car experiences. In true family fashion, Max cranked up the heat in the Subaru to maximum, rolled down the windows and just kept driving; he sweated his way into our driveway, popped the hood on the car and walked away to let it (and himself) cool down.

Almost $200 later, Max had the radiator flushed and refilled (since it was just about empty), got an oil change, and somehow convinced the repair person to toss in a free air filter. With the car running better than ever, Max took off for Poughkeepsie, NY to visit his best bud Greg, a student at the CIA (cooking school, not spy college). He made it there safely and cooked up a delish meal with his bud.

Thank goodness Max had duct tape. I just wish he hadn't had to use it.

It wasn’t fun for long. I received a text message from Max at 2:15 a.m. Sunday morning: Someone had scraped his/her car down the passenger side of Max’s Subaru, creasing the whole side of the Subaru, knocking off its side view mirror, jamming the passenger door shut and trashing the headlight/blinker. Of course, the person who hit Max didn’t stick around or leave a note. Now Max is on the hook for repairing the damage since he doesn’t have collision insurance for the car. Raise your hand if you think Max has experienced enough already, having owned the car a total of 15 days.

Honesty? what ever happened to owning up to hitting someone's car?

What happened to taking responsibility for your actions? Has it been bred out of people? This is the second hit and run that’s happened to a vehicle in our family in three months. Would you leave the scene of an accident if you thought no one was watching? Who raised these people? Wolves? Nah. Wolves do a much better job since they are brutally honest in their approach.



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