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Audi A5 Pirelli Tires: Low-Profile Disasters

Nice employees who treat all customers with respect.

La de dah. I drove over to my local ETD Discount Tire Center and had a new right front tire put on my Audi A5 today. That would be the second right front tire I’ve put on my Audi A5 in 15 days. So let’s see, it cost me an additional $140 per week for two short weeks to drive on the low-profile disasters Pirelli and other tire manufacturers call tires. Could I have rented a small black ghetto blaster of a car and left the Audi in the driveway for the same price? Probably!

Having learned my lesson, I bought tire insurance today; it was too bad ETD didn’t offer wheel insurance or I would have bought that too. I mean, I was waving my credit card around and asking what else I could buy, that’s how burned out I am on this whole tire thing. Needless to say, I was very happy to find out that ETD offered tire insurance, balancing and the tire and labor for $244 since the whole shebang at my local Audi repair facility cost $280 and the tire was not insured.

Never, never, never buy low-profile tires. They stink if you live in an area with potholes.

Guess what? I’m going to be on a first name basis with my ETD service techs. As the ETD service tech was checking the pressure on all four of the Pirellis he found another bubble. . .in the right rear tire this time. Yes folks, I felt the bubble myself. No doubt about it. I have to replace the right rear tire now.

Let’s see. . .hmmm. . .no.

Never mind. I’m done today.



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