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Ice Fishing: It’s What Grown Men Do

I love my husband Mike. That said, I don’t understand his fascination with ice fishing. He’s ice fished with basically the same group of males since we were all 17 years old. It’s an annual thing. One year I was due to deliver our daughter Tory and Mike asked if he could go ice fishing on the same weekend she was scheduled to be born (I know Doug, the best man in our wedding a million years ago, put Mike up to asking. I KNOW it.). Needless to say, i said NO! Other than that weekend, my loving husband has trekked to western PA for his ice fishing fix for more than 33 consecutive years.

They are fishing as I write. Take a look!

Thursday night TV lineup with the boys.

How many boys does it take to drill holes in the ice? I ask you.

Base camp. It ain't the Arctic, but I guess it's close!

Photos courtesy of Mike and his crackberry.

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