Rain in Northern New Jersey

It rained last night around here. A lot.

This is a Wayne, N.J. parking lot with a parking deck in the background.

And the wind blew.

This is another parking lot in Wayne, N.J. We still have snow piles and we get flooding rain. Yeesh!

And it rained some more.

Did you get rain?

Here's what I bought at Costco in Wayne, N.J. today! It's the antidote to local flooding.

In a knee jerk reaction to the flooding I bought “Pink Balcony” and “Angelique” begonia tubers, Lily of the Valley pips and “Key West” astilbe tubers. And I felt much better!

On Saturday, I cleaned out my little greenhouse; that “chore” made me very happy. On Sunday I bought  some Burpee brand veggie seeds — French Filet beans, Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce and Italian parsley — as well as some Giant Imperial Mix larkspur seeds because it was raining and I couldn’t clean up the yard.

I made out my list; can you see it peeking out of the catalog?

And I spent a couple of dreamy hours reading and marking up my Territorial Seed catalog. A family owned company, Territorial is my go-to mail order source for veggie “onsies”: I order individual plants (not seeds) of a few different kinds of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants from the company every year with great success. The plants have always arrived safely tucked into a slotted cardboard box. If you, like me, don’t need 6 of each kind of veggie plant you might want to try Territorial.


P.S. Territorial doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall.



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