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Another Snowfall, Another Spring Day

No sun today in my part of the USA. How is your weather?

We woke up here in Northern New Jersey to snow on the ground and snow drifting from the sky. It snowed all morning then switched to rain in the afternoon. I hear we’re going to have more snow tonight. That’s right. It’s Spring, but it’s Spring in New Jersey, the flaky weather state.

If I wasn’t so ready for Spring I would see the beauty in the snowfall.

The snow weighed down branches today; it's heavy and wet.

No lounging around outside today!

Maybe it’s because I went to the dentist today and had four fillings replaced; my face is lopsided and I’m drooling like a 6-month-old because the Novocain hasn’t worn off yet.

Hey! Did I make you twitch? Most folks just look at the tools (see the Novacaine needle on the far right?!)and feel dread! Bwahahaha!

Or maybe I’m just grouchy.


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Spring in Northern New Jersey: Snow

The snow came down thick and fast this morning.

This past weekend was gorgeous weather-wise, a little nippy but sunny and hopeful feeling, like winter was gone. Not so much. I woke up this morning to snow. The first full day of spring in my Northern N.J. world and the snow is falling thick and fast. I raced outside to rescue the pot of herbs I had just cleaned up, watered and put outside on my back steps just yesterday. I covered my strawberry pots with an umbrella-like cloche and will keep my fingers crossed.. The hostas and astilbes I planted? They will likely survive. The two kinds of heirloom poppy seeds? Not likely. The lettuces? We’ll see.

This cloche operates like an umbrella; let's hope it keeps the plants in the strawberry pots I showed you yesterday nice and warm!

That’s what I get for rushing the season. You’d think I would have learned by now. I mean, I’ve lived in New Jersey, Northern New Jersey, for more than 25 years. I should know that spring around these parts is unpredictable, kinda like a two-year-old in a department store: Here one minute. Hiding under the women’s clothes rack the next.

P.S. I was so distraught at the snowfall that I videoed it. I know. I know. It sounds like I need a vacation. . .in a warm place. Anyway, if you like snow falling, take a look at the video to the right under “My World in Photos.” And yes, that is my depressed voice you hear!


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Perigee Moon and Spring, All in One Weekend!

How could you not notice the moon last night?!

Last night I was driving east at about 8 pm or so and noticed the moon. I don’t think anyone could miss it last night, truth to tell. The moon was huge. Actually, the moon was huge, full and bright. It was beautiful. When I got home I grabbed my Nikon D90 and headed back outside to take a few photos. It was really nippy by then. Okay, my teeth were chattering, but I got my photos.

It was a perigee moon, a rare lunar event that last occurred in March 1993. Did you see the moon last night? What did you think of it? Do you remember it being as large in March 1993? Ah. Me neither, so don’t feel bad. I have trouble remembering what I ate for dinner a few hours after I’ve eaten it, never mind what the moon looked like on a specific night almost 20 years ago.

"It was a dark and stormy night". . .uh, wrong! But it does look a little sinister in this shot, right?

Some folks were thinking/writing/talking about how perigee moons trigger natural disasters. Did a natural disaster happen near you? The only natural disaster I experienced was losing my footing on my front hill; I slipped and fell into the rose bush I was pruning. It hurt and all, but I don’t think that’s the sort of natural disaster some folks were thinking/writing/talking about.

My venerable beech tree makes this shot lovely, in my opinion.

I pulled this pot out of the unheated greenhouse. Survivors! I have survivors!

Today it’s another beautiful weather day here in Northern New Jersey, a bit chilly, but sunny. I’ve been out working in the garden again. Today I plants hostas (‘Patriot’) and astilbes (‘Key West’), spruced up the raised veggie beds, and pulled the strawberry pots out of the greenhouse; they overwinter there every year, and come spring, I pull them out, see what survived, and replant the empty holes. I have a ton of self-seeded forget-me-nots in a bed on the west side of the house so I plugged the empty holes with some of  them for now; it’ll make a very pretty spring vignette.

This pot will look terrific when the forget-me-nots bloom!

Whatcha doing today?

These pots are pretty old; it's a surprise every year to see what lived through the winter in the unheated greenhouse.


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Rain in Northern New Jersey

It rained last night around here. A lot.

This is a Wayne, N.J. parking lot with a parking deck in the background.

And the wind blew.

This is another parking lot in Wayne, N.J. We still have snow piles and we get flooding rain. Yeesh!

And it rained some more.

Did you get rain?

Here's what I bought at Costco in Wayne, N.J. today! It's the antidote to local flooding.

In a knee jerk reaction to the flooding I bought “Pink Balcony” and “Angelique” begonia tubers, Lily of the Valley pips and “Key West” astilbe tubers. And I felt much better!

On Saturday, I cleaned out my little greenhouse; that “chore” made me very happy. On Sunday I bought  some Burpee brand veggie seeds — French Filet beans, Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce and Italian parsley — as well as some Giant Imperial Mix larkspur seeds because it was raining and I couldn’t clean up the yard.

I made out my list; can you see it peeking out of the catalog?

And I spent a couple of dreamy hours reading and marking up my Territorial Seed catalog. A family owned company, Territorial is my go-to mail order source for veggie “onsies”: I order individual plants (not seeds) of a few different kinds of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants from the company every year with great success. The plants have always arrived safely tucked into a slotted cardboard box. If you, like me, don’t need 6 of each kind of veggie plant you might want to try Territorial.


P.S. Territorial doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall.


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Another Snowy Day; Bad Roads and Silly Drivers

Conditions were not great for traversing the hilly street in front of our house.

We live on a busy through street in our town. When it snows the road is usually plowed pretty well and traffic flows. Not this morning though. For some reason, the 6 inches of new snow was poorly plowed and huge snow ruts were the order of the day during the morning commute. As I shoveled out the end of our driveway I watched vehicles try to navigate their way up and over the small hill near our driveway. Some people were more successful than others.

Poor driving conditions on our little hill today.

The drivers who maintained a steady speed crested the small hill without incident.  Other drivers who inexplicably stopped halfway up almost without exception ended up with spinning wheels, revving engines and sliding backwards sideways down the hill as cars behind them tooted anxiously.

The SUVs, which were mostly driven by bullies if today’s behavior was any indication, tooted impatiently if the car in front of them started to slow down or slide; the SUVs, without exception, passed the hapless sliding car by swerving into oncoming traffic.

Most roads in town were still snow covered and difficult to navigate.

I drove my daughter Tory to school. We waited until most of the traffic logjams in front of our house had cleared, then I backed down our driveway and into the street. My Audi A5 performed like a champ in the rutted snow, but even more important, I chose to drive down the street – that would be down the small hill – instead of taking our usual, shorter route up the street. As we rolled along Tory called out the names of the high school students in the cars we were passing that were headed up the hill. We didn’t stick around to see if they successfully crested the hill.

Less-than-optimum conditions today.

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Another January Weather Day

Have You Heard of “Snoice?”

Snow. Ice. Freezing rain. All at once.

Snow, ice, freezing rain. Dreadful today.

This morning I walked outside and skidded on the black ice that had formed where my husband Mike’s Honda CRV had sat less than 30 minutes earlier. The snow on the rest of the driveway had a crunchy coating of ice on top and it was drizzling ice. Not really thinking, I shoveled around my car and started to shovel a path down the driveway. After a few short minutes my brain kicked in and I stopped, turned to look behind me and saw a beautiful path of clear black ice. I conceded defeat and inched my way back to the relative safety of the porch. Then went inside for a second cup of tea.

Sidewalk or skating rink?

Two hours later I reversed carefully down our still-icy driveway and into the icy street. Our school district had declared a two-hour delayed opening to give the weather a chance to improve. But it didn’t improve by much; the weather, I mean.

solid ice in the driveway today

I learned an important mathematical formula today that I’d like to share with you:

[Inexperienced teen drivers x angry Moms in oversized SUVs]+ [snow-narrowed roads x icy weather]
= dreadful conditions around our local high school

I need a trip to a sunny place.

Bonita Springs, FL? I miss you!




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Christmas with My In-Laws and Then a Blizzard

Our family had a terrific Christmas Day at my sister-in-law Betsy and her husband Phil’s home; that’s Uncle Phil to all you folks in the know! We arrived mid-afternoon at their home in South Jersey; as we were the last family to arrive, gift opening commenced soon thereafter. Paper flew! Thanks were exchanged! Ohhhs and Ahhhs were exclaimed!

Poppop, with his usual generous nature, provided his grandchildren with their heart’s desires:

Max received a Kindle!

Pat received a rugby jacket; he's an awesome player himself and has his favorite teams.

Katie received some high-end designer boots that she loves!

Tory received a Nakona softball glove; oh yeah!!

Andrew and his Poppop gift somehow escaped my camera’s lens! Help! Some help here, family! What did Andrew receive?!

It’s fun spending time with my sisters-in-law and their families; they are funny, chatty and always ready to debate and discuss anything and everything. The back-and-forths can get lively and we always laugh, a lot. This year was the first time Betsy and Phil hosted Christmas and we had such a great time that I’ve already asked if we can return for Christmas 2011!

A home brew with a subtle but sincere kick!

As the afternoon wore on into the evening, I watched Uncle Phil sip the lemoncello I made for him and my brother-in-law Joe. I loved that when I asked his opinion of this year’s batch that Phil gave me his honest opinion; he’s dependable that way. I enjoyed watching the movie Elf with my nephew Andrew, son of Betsy and Uncle Phil. I’d never seen the movie before and Andrew made some wry observations that made it that much more enjoyable. Then all of us sat and watched a political comedienne. Wow! Opinions and catcalls and abuse flew thick and fast in our crowd.

All too soon we went to bed (except my son Max, who, according to his sister, finally turned off the TV at 3 a.m. and then proceeded to snore at a high decibel level until we woke them both at 9 a.m.) and woke up to bad weather news. Both my husband Mike and his sister Betsy are weather junkies. As we drank our first cups of coffee and tea, Mike and Betsy talked weather; Uncle Phil jumped in with his opinion. He has a huge right to his weather opinions, I think, since he works for a large Central NJ township and one of his many jobs, in addition to keeping his employees in line, is to plow the miles and miles of snow-covered roads in the event of a big storm. I’d bet Uncle Phil is still out plowing, making the roads safe for those who venture out tomorrow.

When we heard the forecast, we jumped in our car and headed North to home. The weather deteriorated and this morning we woke up to this:

The front porch drifts were 3 feet high! Sunny, Tory's beloved VW Bug, is freezing her butt off!!


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