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Audi A5 Hit and Run

<deep breath>


<deep breath>



Not working.

I’m still furious.

This is what my Audi's bumper looked like before I went to ShopRite for the second time yesterday.

Someone hit my brand new, 16-days-old Audi A5 in the ShopRite parking lot yesterday afternoon. And he/she didn’t bother to leave a note or wait for me to return. They left.

Funny thing. I actually think about where I park my new car to minimize damage to its body. I parked my car on the end of a row so the likelihood of it getting dents on both doors from careless people slamming their own car doors into it is minimal. I heard about doing that from the friendly teller at TD Bank. I’ve been parking waaayyy out in the parking lots to avoid other vehicles. I’ve been trying to conscientiously care for my new car and keep it nice.

Having been at ShopRite a mere two hours earlier, but realizing that I’d forgotten my “free” ham, I returned for it and a few other forgotten items. I was in the story 40 minutes max, but it was enough time for someone to back out of his/her parking space, put his/her car in “drive” and misgauge the distance from the front end of his/her car to the rear end of mine on the swing around.

The likely culprit

You know what? I think it was someone too old or infirm to still be driving. The store was full of elderly folks hanging onto their carts as they  purchased their Thanksgiving ingredients. Many of them could barely see as they put can or box to the end of their nose for a closer look; many are very deaf and can’t hear you when you politely say “excuse me, please” as you pass by.  And most are entirely alone as they s  l  o  w  l  y make their way down the aisles.

Unfair? Did I hear you say it’s unfair for me to accuse an elderly person?

You know why I think that? The person who hit my car didn’t apply his/her brakes; he/she just kept turning his/her wheel and gouging out my bumper and scraping along it til he/she reached the end then just drove off. The damage is two deep gouges that go clear through to the actual bumper material underneath. . .and even that underneath is scraped terribly. If you have even half your wits about you and you can still see and feel properly, you’d have realized you hit something and reversed out of it. No? NO?

This is what the Audi's bumper looked like after I returned home from ShopRite.

The alternative is that someone saw a brand new car and hit it on purpose. I can’t even wrap my head around that.

The security guard agreed with my initial thought of an elderly person; he said he sees older people hit cars in the lot on a daily basis.

Store security doesn’t have security cameras where I parked. I checked.

No one left a note on my windshield telling me they saw who hit me. I checked.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So my free ham, the one I saved $18 on, is gonna cost me. Big.

And the person who hit me? Elderly or not, he/she is Dishonest. Self-centered. Rude.

He/she ruined my day and weeks to come as I file an accident report, send it in to the State of NJ, deal with my insurance company, take the Audi to get repair estimates, do without my vehicle while the repairs are made and pay, pay pay for something that wasn’t my fault.

I’d like to ruin his/her day. That’s how angry I am.

I am not calm. I hope to be in a few days or weeks. But right now?








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Auto Accident

What Happens When It’s Your Kids in One?

My daughter Tory had been bugging her brother Max to drive her to the Jersey Shore since their shore “date” with their Uncle Michael Michael had been cancelled due to rain. Trying to be a helpful Mom I dragged Max out of bed this morning and Tory quickly followed. After a lot of growling around on Max’s part they loaded up the old Ford Explorer and took off for the shore. I stayed home to accomplish a “to do” list and give them some time together before Max returns to college.

Fast forward some time and my cell phone rings. My husband Mike said, “The kids have been in a car accident, but they are all right. The kids aren’t hurt.”

Mike’s words penetrated.

My heart raced.

One of my worst fears now real, I asked for details.

Mike told me what he knews, clearly and without drama, bless him.

I hung up and called Tory’s cell phone. She answered, sobbing out some details about the accident, but more important, their approximate location on the Garden State Parkway.

Somehow a photo just doesn't convey how it looks in person.

I took off for my Honda Pilot at a run, jumped in, took a huge deep breath and fired up the engine.  The accident was barely 2 miles from where the kids got on the Parkway. They went almost all the way through a construction zone, Max changed into the fast lane readying for an Easy Pass toll lane and traffic stopped dead in front of him. He said he braked, but didn’t have enough time to come to a complete stop. He hit the woman in front of him.

Does the crunched side view help convey the wreckage better?

By the time I got to the scene of the accident, Max and the woman had exchanged pertinent information. She, a mom herself with a son the same age, reassured me that she and her passengers weren’t hurt, that traffic was ridiculous.

I, relieved to see my two kids and the passengers of the other vehicle unhurt, almost missed the drama ensuing behind our old Explorer. Apparently another two vehicles had crashed in exactly the same way, for exactly the same reasons; however, the four male occupants were definitely not as calm, polite and cooperative as Max and the Other Mom.

One of NJ's finest was very kind and helpful today.

A State Trooper pulled up, then another. The trooper who handled Max’s accident was polite, kind and helpful. He filled out the paperwork and called for a tow truck since transmission fluid and other fluids were leaking out of the truck and into the roadway, clearly signaling that the Explorer was driving itself absolutely nowhere. With his okay, I worked the phone and called our local auto body repair shop, Bloomfield Auto Body, letting them know the Explorer would be arriving on a flatbed.

Our second vehicle being loaded onto a flat bed tow truck in less than two years.

So far,

Max has contacted our insurance company.

Neither he nor Tory is complaining of aches or pains.

My husband Mike has been apprised of the condition of his Explorer via emailed photos.

After speaking with Anthony at Bloomfield Auto, we’re pretty sure our family is now officially down a vehicle.

Max has lost his wheels.

But my children are safe.

Thank God.

Does it look totaled to you?

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