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Meet Orange Kitty and Sam

Two Cats Who Make My Tuesdays

Since September, when I first started working part-time for a local therapist in her home office, the family dog passed away, the orange fluffy cat disappeared, and the  elderly black cat passed away (last week while I was there).  It’s been rough.

Sam is still a youngster too at less than a year old.

On the plus side, Sam, the Maine Coon kitten, came to live at the house in March. He’s a well-behaved fellow with a charming face. He visits me occasionally as I work. Still, my boss thought it was too quiet with just one cat.

Enter the newest addition to her house: Orange Kitty, or OK for short. When I arrived for work this morning, OK greeted me in my office space. She’s a lively rescue kitten with a winning personality and pretty face. She bounces around, plays with anything that looks interesting, and jumps in and out of handy boxes, suitcases and the like. OK creates noise and fun wherever she appears.

She batted my earrings. She batted my camera strap. She batted anything that moved.

Sam doesn’t like OK. Not a bit. This formerly well-behaved fellow pounced on her and made her scream. I was shocked. He grabbed her by the neck and chomped down. I batted him away. OK just kept going back for more though. She’s scrappy.

After Sam had had enough and my boss let him out the door, OK started to bounce around my desk. She hopped on my lap. She ran across the computer keyboard, but didn’t even weigh enough to “type” a letter as she ran by. She was fascinated with the cursor on the computer screen. When she wore herself out, she plopped down on a folded bag and went to sleep.

All tuckered out.

I’m going to love having OK for company. And Sam better learn to tolerate her or he’ll have to answer to me, at least on Tuesdays.


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How Much Is Enough?

How Much Sleep Do YOU Get?

Sleep. Most times when I say the word “sleep” out loud I want to go upstairs and crawl right into my bed. I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately. My eyes are gritty. My smile is sagging. And my body aches. Perhaps I need some uninterrupted, wake-up-without-an-alarm sleep.


Trying to lasso my daughter Tory’s ever-changing schedule is a challenge. Rarely, I get to stay home for an entire evening. Mostly, I drive (or supervise her driving) from place to place or event to event until after 9 pm.

Last night with “nothing to do,” I crawled into bed at 8:15 pm.  I flipped through a catalog for all of 3 minutes before I turned out the light. As if by magic our two faithful Siamese, Brutus and T-Rex, appeared and hopped onto the bed with me.

Standing on my chest, eye to eye, Brutus stared at me. He sniffed my nose, licked it lightly, then settled in the crook of my arm for what I am sure he hoped would be a long night’s sleep.

Brutus comes running whenever I arrive home. His hobby is sleeping with me.

T-Rex, not to be left out, hopped on my chest, yawned in my face, then plastered himself along my other side, from chest to knee.

My other faithful friend. Of course, he's always looking for food so maybe that's why he hangs out with me.

They had spoken.

It was bedtime.

So we slept.


P.S. In “My World and Welcome to It” (to your right) I uploaded a video of T-Rex you might find amusing. Every morning I put my vitamins on a napkin on the kitchen island and every morning he tries to hunt down and eat my cod liver oil capsule.

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Siamese Cats and Doors – Part 2

The Nursery Room Door

The way into any room.

Remember me talking about our first two Siamese, Tatsu and Zeus, and how they worked as a team and taught themselves to open the old-fashioned faceted glass door knobs on the doors we had in our previous home? Do you remember me saying that those knobs were on every door but the front, back and nursery room? After we brought Baby Max then Baby Tory home from the hospital the battle of the nursery room door began.

At first Tatsu and Brutus were puzzled why I, their fearless leader, wouldn’t let them into the nursery. They would stand on their hind legs and reach out a velvet paw to the door knob, pat the knob a few times as if testing it, withdraw the paw and look at me as if saying, “Okay, this is one of those faulty knobs I can’t turn so why don’t you turn it for me so I can get in there?”

When that didn’t work, the Siamese lost patience. Tatsu and Zeus would throw themselves at the closed door, making huge thumping sounds, all the while howling like banshees. They were mad they couldn’t just turn the knob and walk in like they could in practically every other room in the house. And they knew something was going on in that room and they wanted to know exactly what was going on right now.

Thinking creatively, or perhaps I was delirious from lack of sleep, I convinced Mike to remove the wooden nursery room door and install a screen door with a regular metal handle and latch in its place. This way, when the baby was sleeping, the cats, although they couldn’t get into the room, could at least see what was happening inside. I was hoping they’d see “nothing” was happening and chill out. Fingers crossed, they would cease the howling and thumping, allowing the baby – and us – to sleep peacefully.

Mike gathered his tools and the screen door one Saturday morning, piling it all in the upstairs hallways. The Siamese, sensing something was up, scampered back and forth, getting underfoot. Like little kids, they got excited any time something out of the ordinary happened.

The Ringleader

You had to see their little brown faces as they watched Mike removed the wooden door from its hinges. Tatsu tilted his head, left, right, and left again, watching carefully as if trying to figure out what Mike was doing. I wondered if he’d try to re-install the door Monday morning after Mike and I left for work just to see if he could do it.

Zeus, not quite as bright, sat on his haunches and stared, not blinking his violet blue eyes. I imagine he was thinking, “Great! No door means free access to the room and the comfy crib. Nice napping potential.”

They kept watching as Mike installed the screen door. I swear if you quizzed Tatsu afterward he could have pointed to where Mike put every screw. And they didn’t understand at first. Oh, they tried turning the knob to no avail, but they never did the howl and thump routine as if sensing this was as good as it got. And the see-through door seemed to ease their complaining . . .a good thing considering how persistent and loud they were.

The baby could sleep in peace. Mike and I could be in the room with the baby without having to shoo two Siamese out of the way while performing delicate tasks like changing a dirty diaper. And the Siamese? Well, only occasionally would we have to peel a disgruntled cat off the screen door on our way out of the room.

Sometimes they thought we took too long

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Siamese Cats and Doors — Part 1

Can Your Cat Open Doors?

Teamwork and a glass knob

Siamese, even more than any other breed of cat, hate closed doors. It must be because they are the nosiest cats in the universe. Our first two Siamese, Tatsu and Zeus, working as a team, taught themselves to open the old-fashioned faceted glass door knobs on the doors we had in our previous home. Those knobs were on every door but the front, back and nursery room. When the cats were young we didn’t realize that every time we turned the knob on a door they were staring at us and memorizing the motions. Looking back, they must have practiced in private, while we were at work. We would come home and every door with a glass knob would be unlatched. Of course, in the beginning, we thought we (okay, I kept accusing Mike) just kept leaving the doors ajar. Clearly, you don’t have to have an opposing thumb to turn a knob, at least if you are Siamese. Ohhhh noooo.

One evening we were reading downstairs and I heard a persistent rattling sound. Getting up off the couch Mike and I crept up the stairs. Now with the acute hearing cats have, the little darlings would have heard us approaching if they hadn’t been so intent on turning the knob to get the door open to the third floor. Mike and I stretched our necks around the hall corner and saw them. Tatsu was sitting on one side of the door knob and Brutus on the other. Up, up they went onto their hind legs, reaching out their soft brown velvet paws so each had a paw on the knob. We watched as one pushed while the other pulled and the door opened, smoothly, silently. They resumed their “four on the floor” stance then scampered up to the third floor, none the wiser that we had seen them.

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What I Did on Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Did YOU Do Today?

Time   Exciting Things I Did
6:30 am   get up
6:40   eat breakfast and feed cats (actually in reverse order since cats were squealing like stuck pigs and climbing my leg while I tried to heat tea water
7:00   shower, making sure I remember to put new soap in shower before I climb in
7:15   apply makeup and get dressed while Mike snoozes peacefully
7:42   prep floral water for later; drive Tory to school; get growly when someone cuts me off on Park St. beating the light
8:00   drive through bank:; stare at huge jar of dog biscuits the teller keeps near the window and wonder how many she hands out every day
8:10   stop at Shop Rite and buy flowers for floral arrangement for annual Garden Club Holiday Tea; see elderly woman I always see drinking tea at Shop Rite no matter what time of day I stop in. Smile at her; she waves
8:20   drop flowers into waiting conditioned water at home; snack the cats who are waiting for me at the front door and escort me back to the kitchen and their bowls
8:30   work hard for someone else; feel satisfied; collect pay check
12:40 pm   meet good friend Pat for lunch; talk about kids and life; Ginger calls twice while we are talking—she has friend radar; collect one Christmas gift—how nice! give big hug before we part
2:00   pick up/drop off Mike’s dry cleaning
2:15   stop at corner store for lottery tickets – a dollar and a dream, just like my Dad
2:30   stop at card store for fancy Christmas gift envelopes
3:00   go home: put lottery tickets in gift bags, label/put cash into gift envelopes, then put in car so I don’t forget them later this week
3:30   snack the cats; sort mail; turn on Christmas tree lights; put little decorated tree in large urn on front lawn; it looks funny; laugh at it and leave it there
4:00   good friend Gail calls as I drive to pick up Tory at school; turns out Gail is in vehicle behind me on my street. Go figure. On way in driveway Tory sees little tree in large urn on front lawn; she laughs
4:15   plan evening with Tory; Mike not home until 11 pm from Ithaca business trip; turn on outside Christmas lights; house lights up like Roman candle; can’t figure out why Mike loves these lights so much. Shrug.
4:30   go shopping with Tory for some final Christmas gifts; eat dinner at California Pizza Kitchen—yum
7:30   stop home, change, go to YMCA with Tory
8:45   get home; begin to design floral arrangement for tomorrow; agonize over every detail; put arrangment in basement to stay cool and out of way of crazy cats running through the house; get text message from Max—A- in English; YES!
10:00   check blog and see only three people read it today; make frowny face and wonder what everyone is doing besides sitting in front of computer reading silly blog

What ARE you doing?


10:30   sit down at computer; check favorite sites and blogs before settling down to write
11:30 or so   post blog; snack cats; head to bed. Good night.

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