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Auto Accident

What Happens When It’s Your Kids in One?

My daughter Tory had been bugging her brother Max to drive her to the Jersey Shore since their shore “date” with their Uncle Michael Michael had been cancelled due to rain. Trying to be a helpful Mom I dragged Max out of bed this morning and Tory quickly followed. After a lot of growling around on Max’s part they loaded up the old Ford Explorer and took off for the shore. I stayed home to accomplish a “to do” list and give them some time together before Max returns to college.

Fast forward some time and my cell phone rings. My husband Mike said, “The kids have been in a car accident, but they are all right. The kids aren’t hurt.”

Mike’s words penetrated.

My heart raced.

One of my worst fears now real, I asked for details.

Mike told me what he knews, clearly and without drama, bless him.

I hung up and called Tory’s cell phone. She answered, sobbing out some details about the accident, but more important, their approximate location on the Garden State Parkway.

Somehow a photo just doesn't convey how it looks in person.

I took off for my Honda Pilot at a run, jumped in, took a huge deep breath and fired up the engine.  The accident was barely 2 miles from where the kids got on the Parkway. They went almost all the way through a construction zone, Max changed into the fast lane readying for an Easy Pass toll lane and traffic stopped dead in front of him. He said he braked, but didn’t have enough time to come to a complete stop. He hit the woman in front of him.

Does the crunched side view help convey the wreckage better?

By the time I got to the scene of the accident, Max and the woman had exchanged pertinent information. She, a mom herself with a son the same age, reassured me that she and her passengers weren’t hurt, that traffic was ridiculous.

I, relieved to see my two kids and the passengers of the other vehicle unhurt, almost missed the drama ensuing behind our old Explorer. Apparently another two vehicles had crashed in exactly the same way, for exactly the same reasons; however, the four male occupants were definitely not as calm, polite and cooperative as Max and the Other Mom.

One of NJ's finest was very kind and helpful today.

A State Trooper pulled up, then another. The trooper who handled Max’s accident was polite, kind and helpful. He filled out the paperwork and called for a tow truck since transmission fluid and other fluids were leaking out of the truck and into the roadway, clearly signaling that the Explorer was driving itself absolutely nowhere. With his okay, I worked the phone and called our local auto body repair shop, Bloomfield Auto Body, letting them know the Explorer would be arriving on a flatbed.

Our second vehicle being loaded onto a flat bed tow truck in less than two years.

So far,

Max has contacted our insurance company.

Neither he nor Tory is complaining of aches or pains.

My husband Mike has been apprised of the condition of his Explorer via emailed photos.

After speaking with Anthony at Bloomfield Auto, we’re pretty sure our family is now officially down a vehicle.

Max has lost his wheels.

But my children are safe.

Thank God.

Does it look totaled to you?


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Home Manager

Walk with Me. . .for a Few Hours

Let the drama begin.

Woke up at 7 am to find out a commercial is being filmed at house across the street. Our road is parked solid with tech trucks, catering truck, workers’ cars.

Navigated carefully out of driveway, dodging traffic I can’t see until last minute to drive daughter Tory to school.

Received fax from auto repair shop: $540 bill to fix Tory’s beloved (I now call cursed) VW Bug Sunny again. We won’t be able to pick it up until Monday. Down one car for weekend.

Realized I can’t print important information about this weekend’s softball tournament schedule on my wireless printer. Scratched head and muttered to myself.

Reset modem and rebooted Mac four times in vain attempt to jump start printer, then realized wireless network is the problem.

Called husband Mike to trouble shoot. No avail.

Laundry keeps me company. Today it's mostly Max's.

Started 1 of 7 loads of laundry.

Realized I don’t even have our locked network as a choice anymore on the Airport thingy and can only get the unsecured Linksys.

Roused sleeping son Max to troubleshoot problem, remembering at last minute how grouchy he can be when wakened.

Washed another load of laundry.

Max called cable provider and had a fit of epic proportions at person on other end of line when Max realized from conversation that the modem is damaged beyond fixing – likely from yesterday’s power outage that occurred right before Tory needed to cook/host a birthday dinner party for 5 friends here at our home.

I took Tums.

Max made an appointment with cable provider for earliest available time slot — tomorrow – if said person shows up. Typically, it takes us calling Comcast, our cable provider, 2-3 times to set up an appointment before a live person actually shows up to say that he needs to come back tomorrow since he doesn’t have the part on his truck that we specifically told him he needed.

Our old truck should look this good.

Max received call from repair shop where our old Ford Explorer has been sitting with a flat tire since yesterday. Repairman said that the tire and rim aren’t holding air, won’t hold air and we need a new rim to make it hold air. Down two cars for weekend.

We called Mike at work to discuss. We called repair shop back. We called tire place in Clifton, NJ to see if it has rim. No luck.

Washed another load of laundry.

We called Uncle Phil to see if the two junkyards located in Central NJ are still in operation and if they have a rim. Max called first junkyard. Man said he has both styles of rims for 2001 Ford Explorer and they only cost $75 each.

Max called/arranged with friend Brendan to drive down, but first they had to go to repair shop to jack up Explorer, remove damaged rim/tire, and take it with them.

When is a printer not a printer? When your WiFi is down.

I tried again to print critical information for this weekend’s softball tournament. Remembered a cable exists somewhere in a drawer that might allow me to print. Found cable. Hooked it up. Remembered to plug into the USB port on my Mac too. Printed document. Page is streaky. I am out of black ink.

Oops. Had to pick up Tory at high school, rush to allergist’s office for monthly allergy shots (one week late; I forgot to put on calendar last week), then rushed her back to school before lunchtime was over. She called ahead and ordered Chinese food that she eats in the car and I put mine on floor of Pilot for now.

Went to Staples to buy printer ink. Took old cartridges and asked for help to make sure I got the correct ink. Person who works there wanted to know model of my printer. I muttered and proffered ink; she shook head and said I had to give her model number. I thought bad thoughts, chose what I thought was correct ink, paid and drove home, after finding and buying Jolly Ranchers for Tory to insert into pinata (due tomorrow morning) she made for sculpture class.

A refill. I just needed a refill. But didn't have any here at home.

Home. Changed ink. My good. Ran test page. Printed critical documents.

Washed another load of laundry.

Hopefully await call from high school guidance counselor. Tory’s schedule for next year is hoplessly incorrect and needs to be fixed in person. I can never explain on a single ‘schedule change paper’ what needs to be done.

Took 2 Advil.

Reached for my now-cold Chinese food.

Hot problems. Cold food.

And that, folks, was my morning.

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