As a middle-aged Mom to two teens, Max and Tory, I am in almost constant motion, attempting to stay one step ahead of them and the aggravations and aches of middle age. My husband Mike, bless him, pretty much stands back and watches as I wrangle the kids, two cats, a part-time job, volunteer work, the house and yard and my gardening and floral design obsessions, among other hobbies and commitments.


3 responses to “About

  1. Ginger Finder

    This is fantastic!!!!!! This photo shows up better than the first one you sent!!!

  2. Andrea Karas

    I’m really enjoying reading about your family antics. Keep it coming!

  3. ed lee

    Hi middle-aged mom,

    i found your blog post about the “Audi A5 Pirelli Tires: Low-Profile Disasters” through a google search about pirelli tires bubbling. i have an audi a4 and i just had a tire blow out on my on the highway yesterday. Thank God i’m okay, but in the morning i found bubbles on my two front tires and suspect the blowout was definitely caused by a bubble on my rear wheel. Can you email me, i wanted to ask you more about what happened in your case.

    thanks, ed

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