Another Snowfall, Another Spring Day

No sun today in my part of the USA. How is your weather?

We woke up here in Northern New Jersey to snow on the ground and snow drifting from the sky. It snowed all morning then switched to rain in the afternoon. I hear we’re going to have more snow tonight. That’s right. It’s Spring, but it’s Spring in New Jersey, the flaky weather state.

If I wasn’t so ready for Spring I would see the beauty in the snowfall.

The snow weighed down branches today; it's heavy and wet.

No lounging around outside today!

Maybe it’s because I went to the dentist today and had four fillings replaced; my face is lopsided and I’m drooling like a 6-month-old because the Novocain hasn’t worn off yet.

Hey! Did I make you twitch? Most folks just look at the tools (see the Novacaine needle on the far right?!)and feel dread! Bwahahaha!

Or maybe I’m just grouchy.


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One response to “Another Snowfall, Another Spring Day

  1. Hi-I saw your comment over at Fringe Girl. I’m also in Northern NJ and a few NJ bloggers are planning to get together for lunch one day this spring (gotta let the snow pass!)…we have a tentative date and city. I don’t know if you’d have any interest but you can email me if you’d like to be included in the plans. None of us have met and I only heard about two of the girls today so its something new for all of us. I’m a middle aged mom too : )

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